The Ideation Displacement Phenomenon- Part 1.

The Following linked Article is an interesting example of the tactical aspect of deception as it relates to the THEORY of “gravity”,  but simply put, it should be observed by the reader of this study, that,  there was a recognized reason for the development of roots in a certain direction, and plant growth, but the purveyors of Bullshit go ahead and insert their bullshit –  on pg. 3 , “statocytes”  are mentioned and the Observer writes – “…. cells called statocytes to ‘‘sense’’ gravity. These statocytes ….  ”   Now,  I didn’t add those parentheses to the word “sense”,  as I quoted him now ,  he did,  as if he also doubts its authenticity.  It  also creates a conveniently meaningless word “Gravitropic”,  ofcourse, you can look it up yourself, a completely empty concept.   So, what do we see here????



3. a defense mechanism in which emotions, ideas, wishes, or impulses are unconsciously shifted from their original object to a more acceptable, usually less threatening, substitute.
    …… hmmmm , like Gravity???? maybe??  So this is about tearing down the lies, and recognizing the extent.  There’s some more ammo for the arsenal, and tactical, and Ill be getting deeper into the article on other Home-grow related posts for the practical use of such knowledge, stay tuned..

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